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Xi Beach

The red sand on Xi beach offers a unique scenic experience to visitors. The beach was given its name due to its strange shape, which resembles the respective letter in the Greek alphabet. In the winter, the landscape takes on a wild and ethereal beauty, whereas in the summer it is abustle with life and various activities.

The beach offers water sports, a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas and is ideal for younger swimmers due to its shallow and warm waters.

From here you can visit “Vardianoi”, the islet just off Xi beach, by boat.

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Vatsa Beach

On the southern coast of Paliki, Vatsa is a charming bay with sand and pebbles. A temple dedicated to Poseidon once stood here.

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Porto Atheras Beach

Porto Athera is located two kilometers from Atheras village. It is a picturesque beach with turquoise waters.
Here you can enjoy some exquisite “mezedes”, (local appetizers), on the waterfront.

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Platia Ammos Beach

Platia Ammos beach is close to Kaminarata village.
Access to this beach is easier by sea, but for the more adventurous visitor there is a steep path with stairs along the side of the cliff leading to the seaside. One thing is for sure–the crystal clear waters are well worth the effort.

Don’t forget to take provisions such as food, water, and an umbrella along with you.

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Petani Beach

Petani Beach is situated on the western side of the Paliki peninsula, and for many, its beauty rivals that of Myrtos Beach. From above, the landscape resembles a work of art. A section of the waterfront usually has sunbeds and umbrellas available. Make sure to dine at one of the local “tavernas”–this area is famous for its seafood and fish taverns.

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Megas Lakkos

Megas Lakkos is an organized beach in the Lixouri area. Easily accessible with ample parking availability, this beach is known for its wide expanse of red sand.

The water here is fairly shallow making it an ideal destination for families with children.

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Lepeda Beach

Lepeda is the organized beach closest to Lixouri. Here you will find sunbeds and umbrellas, as well as boat and canoe rentals, and beach volleyball courts. You can also combine a day at the beach with a cultural outing–Lepeda is only a brief walk from the ruins of the Agia Paraskevi cave monastery.