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Environmental Museum of Fiskardo

The Environmental Museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiskardo. Exhibits include an array of findings that display Kefalonia’s natural and underwater wealth.
Open: 10:00 – 17:00 (please call to verify)
Tel.: +30 26740 41081

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Foki is an idyllic, white-pebbled beach just a 5 minute drive from the cosmopolitan village of Fiskardo.

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Farsa is a village just outside Argostoli. This traditional village paints a nostalgic picture of the “old Kefalonia”, as much has remained unchanged over time.

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Assos is one of the island’s most beautiful scenic villages, located on the steep slopes of the peninsula, and backdrop to the Venetian Castle. In recent years it has become a preferred destination for those who wish to avoid the main tourist resorts.

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About 1km from Fiskardo, just off the main road, you will come across the idyllic, white-pebbled beach of Emplisi with crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized.


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The old village of Valsamata with its picturesque homes and cobbled paths take you back to pre-1953 Kefalonia.
The broader area has several vineyards and olive groves and continues an important agricultural tradition. This is where the headquarters of the famous Robola wine co-op can be found, as well as the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos.

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Xi Beach

The red sand on Xi beach offers a unique scenic experience to visitors. The beach was given its name due to its strange shape, which resembles the respective letter in the Greek alphabet. In the winter, the landscape takes on a wild and ethereal beauty, whereas in the summer it is abustle with life and various activities.

The beach offers water sports, a beach bar, sunbeds and umbrellas and is ideal for younger swimmers due to its shallow and warm waters.

From here you can visit “Vardianoi”, the islet just off Xi beach, by boat.

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Vatsa Beach

On the southern coast of Paliki, Vatsa is a charming bay with sand and pebbles. A temple dedicated to Poseidon once stood here.

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Trapezaki Beach

Mousata village is on the Argostoli – Poros main road. Keep a lookout for the signs leading to Trapezaki–an amazing sandy beach surrounded by pine trees. Even though this is an organized beach with sunbeds and umbrellas, there is plenty of open space available for you to enjoy the sun and sea on your own. Trapezaki has warm, shallow waters, and is ideal for families with children.

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Skala Beach

Skala Beach is located in the southern part of the island, in Skala, a popular tourist resort. The beach has magnificent waters, and is framed by a small pine tree forest which separates the village from the beach.

This is an organized beach, with sunbeds, umbrellas and snack bars on site. Skala Beach also offers a variety of water sports, as well as unique tours of the ocean’s floor aboard glass-bottom boats–the highlight being the remains of the shipwrecked “Perseus” submarine.

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Potamakia Beach

Just after Katelios, on the way to Skala, one can see the cape of Mounda. A descending road that starts at Ratzakli village leads to the expansive sandy and shallow-watered beach of Potamakia. A small section of the beach is allocated to sunbeds and umbrellas. This spot is considered ideal for windsurfing.
Potamakia is also home to the endangered Caretta – Caretta turtles that return to the beach every summer in order to lay their eggs, so take great caution when you visit.

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Porto Atheras Beach

Porto Athera is located two kilometers from Atheras village. It is a picturesque beach with turquoise waters.
Here you can enjoy some exquisite “mezedes”, (local appetizers), on the waterfront.

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Poros Beach

Poros Beach is a white pebble beach located in the Poros region, and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. Here you will find crystal clear waters, as well as sunbeds and umbrellas for hire.

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Platis Yialos Beach

Platis Yialos, which is adjacent to Makris Yialos, is a smaller but equally beautiful beach. Sunbeds, umbrellas and a snack bar are available on site.

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Platia Ammos Beach

Platia Ammos beach is close to Kaminarata village.
Access to this beach is easier by sea, but for the more adventurous visitor there is a steep path with stairs along the side of the cliff leading to the seaside. One thing is for sure–the crystal clear waters are well worth the effort.

Don’t forget to take provisions such as food, water, and an umbrella along with you.

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Petani Beach

Petani Beach is situated on the western side of the Paliki peninsula, and for many, its beauty rivals that of Myrtos Beach. From above, the landscape resembles a work of art. A section of the waterfront usually has sunbeds and umbrellas available. Make sure to dine at one of the local “tavernas”–this area is famous for its seafood and fish taverns.

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Minies Beach

Minies is a sand beach located just 5 km outside the capital, Argostoli. This is an organized beach, so you will find sunbeds, umbrellas, and a snack bar.

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Megas Lakkos

Megas Lakkos is an organized beach in the Lixouri area. Easily accessible with ample parking availability, this beach is known for its wide expanse of red sand.

The water here is fairly shallow making it an ideal destination for families with children.