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Environmental Museum of Fiskardo

The Environmental Museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiskardo. Exhibits include an array of findings that display Kefalonia’s natural and underwater wealth.
Open: 10:00 – 17:00 (please call to verify)
Tel.: +30 26740 41081

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Foki is an idyllic, white-pebbled beach just a 5 minute drive from the cosmopolitan village of Fiskardo.

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Assos is one of the island’s most beautiful scenic villages, located on the steep slopes of the peninsula, and backdrop to the Venetian Castle. In recent years it has become a preferred destination for those who wish to avoid the main tourist resorts.

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About 1km from Fiskardo, just off the main road, you will come across the idyllic, white-pebbled beach of Emplisi with crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized.


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Monastery of Aghios Gerasimos

Situated in the Omala area, amidst the picturesque vineyards of the Robola wine co-op, the 16th century monastery is dedicated to the island’s patron saint. In August and October the monastery becomes a place of worship for thousands of believers. Also worth visiting are the small chapel and adjacent cave in the Lassi area, where Saint Gerasimos lived as a hermit. Both are open to the public.