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Lixouri is ideally positioned and is a contemporary settlement with good tourism infrastructure and noteworthy tradition in the arts and literature.

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Kontogenada is a scenic village in the Lixouri area. Many of its homes have been preserved since the 18th and 19th centuries.

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Kouvalata is the island’s oldest village.

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Iakovatios Library

The Iakovatos Library is home to a rare collection of books, manuscripts and byzantine icons. Almost as interesting as the collection is the building itself–a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture.
Open: Tuesday – Friday: 08:30-13:30, Saturday: 09:30-12:30 (please call to verify)
Tel. +30 26710 91325

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Nikos Kavadias Statue

Nikos Kavadias was a Kefalonian globetrotter. He was born in Harbin of Manchuria to Kefalonian parents, and lived for a brief period both in Kefalonia and Piraeus. Most of his life was spent at sea as a radio operator, during which time he also wrote poems inspired by his travels and experiences. He rose to notoriety with the “Marabou” and “Fog” poetry collections (1933 and 1947 respectively), and his novel “The shift” (1954). Many of his poems have become popular songs. His statue is located at the harbor in Argostoli.

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Municipal Theater of Lixouri

The Theater of Lixouri opened in 2004 and it consists of the main theater hall, offices and lecture halls.
Tel.:+30 26710 93358

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TEI – Buisness Administration Department

The Department of Business Administration covers the content of the Organization of Business Management and Administration in the public and private sectors, aiming at preparing administrative staff that will man Greek and international active businesses in goods production or in service provision. Its objective is to provide students with the necessary theoretical and practical experience on issues concerning business administration in both the public and the private sectors.
Tel.:+30 26710 92861.

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Monastery of Virgin Mary at Kipouria

The Monastery of Kipouria, to the west of Paliki, is set on a dramatic cliff above the sea. The sunset from this point is breathtaking.