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Environmental Museum of Fiskardo

The Environmental Museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiskardo. Exhibits include an array of findings that display Kefalonia’s natural and underwater wealth.
Open: 10:00 – 17:00 (please call to verify)
Tel.: +30 26740 41081

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Korgialenios Museum of History and Folklore

The Korgialenios Museum of History and Folklore is housed in the Korgialenios library in Argostoli. The visitor is taken on a journey through tradition, folklore and the urban and farming culture of the island, from the Venetian period up until the 1953 earthquake.

Exhibits include historical documents, portraits, items from the personal collections of historic figures, maps, photographic archives, ecclesiastical art, and much more.

Open: Monday – Saturday, 09:00-14:00 (please call to verify)
Tel. +30 26710 28835


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Ecclesiastical – byzantine museum

The Ecclesiastical – Byzantine museum is located at the Monastery of Aghios Andreas and exhibits unique woodcarvings, icons and religious relics, as well as religious works of art by famous and unknown artists spanning a period of 4 centuries.

Visiting Hours: Monday – Saturday, 08:00-14:00 (please call to verify)

Tel. +30 26710 69700

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Archeological Museum of Argostoli

The Archaeological Museum of Argostoli exhibits a noteworthy collection of findings from around the island. Items on display range from the Paleolithic period to the Post roman period.
Visiting Hours: Tuesday – Sunday: 08:30-15:00 (please call to verify)

Tel.:+30 26710 28300