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Harokopio Foundation

The Harokopio Foundation was established in 1911, endowed by Panagis Harokopos to be a non profit foundation for the education and vocational training of unemployed women.
Tel: + 30 26710 28794 & +30 26710 22984

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XENIA event venue

The Xenia event venue is one of the primary settings for several of the cultural events that take place in the summer.

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Panagis Vallianos Statue

Panagis Vallianos was born in 1814 in Keramies, Kefalonia. From a very young age he was involved in shipping and trade, in which he enjoyed great success. He is known today as the father of modern Greek shipping. An avid philanthropist, Vallianos left a significant legacy to Kefalonia upon his death in 1902, and even funded the National Library of Greece in Athens.

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National Park of Ainos

The National Park of Mount Ainos is the setting of a magnificent fir-tree forest, itself home to fauna and flora of all kinds. Most impressive is the Black Fir, which can reach 20 to 30 meters in height, and can live up to 500 years.

The best time to visit Mount Ainos is in the spring, when weather conditions are favorable for exploration, and most of the plant species have blossomed. A winter visit is also a mesmerizing experience, with the snow-capped mountains serving as an active reminder of the calm beauty of the season. Either way, the view atop this peak is always breathtaking.

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Poros Gorge

The Poros Gorge is a breathtaking formation steeped in legend–the gorge, which is some 80 metres in depth,  is said to have been created by Hercules’ feet as he passed through this mountainous region.

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Melissani Lake

The Melissani lake is in Karavomylos, near Sami. The lake is encircled by the Melissani cave, whose collapsed ceiling allows for the sun’s rays to shine through and reflect off the beautiful waters. The experience which includes a boat tour of the cave, is nothing less than enchanting–to be expected since this was believed to be home of the nymphs in Greek mythology.

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Drogarati Cave

The Drogarati Cave, located in Haliotata near Sami, is 150 million years old and has rare red stalactites and stalagmites, as well as exceptional acoustics in the main area.
Open: 08:00-20:00 (please call to verify) Τel.: +30 26740 23302

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Korgialenios Library

The Korgialenios Library has a history as colorful as the books it houses–founded in 1924, it officially opened its doors in 1926, then situated in Korgialenios Hall. Its first collection was comprised of books that were re-appropriated from the old public library, as well as from Marinos Korgialenios’ private volumes. During the earthquake of 1953 however, the building was destroyed, and the books were transferred to the Harokopio Foundation. Korgialenios Library underwent complete restoration, and with the help of benefactors, the building is once again home to this collection as of 1963.
Open: Monday – Friday: 08:30-20:30, Saturday: 08:30-14.00 (please call to verify)
Tel. +30 26710 28221 , +30 26710 22583

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Iakovatios Library

The Iakovatos Library is home to a rare collection of books, manuscripts and byzantine icons. Almost as interesting as the collection is the building itself–a masterpiece of neoclassical architecture.
Open: Tuesday – Friday: 08:30-13:30, Saturday: 09:30-12:30 (please call to verify)
Tel. +30 26710 91325

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Venetian Fortress of St Georgios

One of the most significant historical attractions of Kefalonia is the grand Venetian Fortress of St George, located near Travliata village. The fortress was most probably constructed during the Byzantine period, although it took its current form under Venetian rule (1504). The fortress was once the capital of the island, and it enclosed many private and public buildings.

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Vallianos Square

The central square of Argostoli called ‘Vallianos Square’ is named after one of the greatest benefactors of Kefalonia, Panagis Vallianos whose statue can be found in the southwestern corner of the square.
The central square serves as a backdrop for many events especially during the summer. It is surrounded by many cafes, bars and restaurants, making it an ideal meeting place for locals and visitors alike.

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Nikos Kavadias Statue

Nikos Kavadias was a Kefalonian globetrotter. He was born in Harbin of Manchuria to Kefalonian parents, and lived for a brief period both in Kefalonia and Piraeus. Most of his life was spent at sea as a radio operator, during which time he also wrote poems inspired by his travels and experiences. He rose to notoriety with the “Marabou” and “Fog” poetry collections (1933 and 1947 respectively), and his novel “The shift” (1954). Many of his poems have become popular songs. His statue is located at the harbor in Argostoli.

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The Conservatory – Philharmonic School of Κefallonia

The Philharmonic School of Kefalonia is a historic non-profit association. Founded in 1838, it has been pivotal in fostering musical appreciation and education among the island’s youth, and routinely contributes to the cultural life of Kefalonia.
Tel.: +30 26710 25946

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Sports Center “Antonis Tritsis”

The indoor gymnasium in Argostoli is named after the Kefalonian politician Antonis Tritsis, whose statue stands near the entrance of the gym.
Tel.: +30 26710 22981

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Roman Manor

This roman villa just outside the village of Skala dates back to the 3rd century. With its intricate mosaic floors and remarkable inscriptions, the Roman Manor certainly merits a visit.

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Cruise ship pier

The pier is one of the most important development projects to have taken place on the island in the past few years. The pier has been instrumental in enabling the efficient disembarkation of thousands of tourists each year who choose to visit Kefalonia aboard large cruise ships.

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National Resistance Statue

The statue is dedicated to the National Resistance movement against the Nazi troops during World War II.

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Napier Gardens

One of the most beautiful points in the town of Argostoli are the famous Napier Gardens, named in honor of the British administrator Sir Charles James Napier.  The hill on which these gardens sit was converted into a public park in 1905.