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Harokopio Foundation

The Harokopio Foundation was established in 1911, endowed by Panagis Harokopos to be a non profit foundation for the education and vocational training of unemployed women.
Tel: + 30 26710 28794 & +30 26710 22984

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Municipal Water and Sewage Company

Municipal Water and Sewage Company
Municipality of Kefalonia
Lithostroto 70, Argostoli 28100
Τel: +30 2671023064, FAX: +30 2671024668

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XENIA event venue

The Xenia event venue is one of the primary settings for several of the cultural events that take place in the summer.

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Panagis Vallianos Statue

Panagis Vallianos was born in 1814 in Keramies, Kefalonia. From a very young age he was involved in shipping and trade, in which he enjoyed great success. He is known today as the father of modern Greek shipping. An avid philanthropist, Vallianos left a significant legacy to Kefalonia upon his death in 1902, and even funded the National Library of Greece in Athens.

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TEI – Public Relations & Communications Department

The Department of Public Relations and Communication of the Technological Education Institute of the Ionian Islands (TEI), promotes the development and transmission of knowledge in the aforementioned areas of study.

It provides students with the requisite tools and skill set to broaden their professional horizons, and enables them to pursue their academic or professional careers in these fields.
Tel: +30 26710 27311. Email: URL:

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Walls of the Ancient City of Krani

The grand walls of the Ancient City of Krani (7th century BC) are located on the hill in the Krania area on the outskirts of Argostoli.

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Port Authority of Sami

Contact the Port Authority of Sami for information about ferries, yacht services, fishing and other maritime issues.
Tel.: +30 26740 22031

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Environmental Museum of Fiskardo

The Environmental Museum is housed in the former primary school of Fiskardo. Exhibits include an array of findings that display Kefalonia’s natural and underwater wealth.
Open: 10:00 – 17:00 (please call to verify)
Tel.: +30 26740 41081

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Foki is an idyllic, white-pebbled beach just a 5 minute drive from the cosmopolitan village of Fiskardo.

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Farsa is a village just outside Argostoli. This traditional village paints a nostalgic picture of the “old Kefalonia”, as much has remained unchanged over time.

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Assos is one of the island’s most beautiful scenic villages, located on the steep slopes of the peninsula, and backdrop to the Venetian Castle. In recent years it has become a preferred destination for those who wish to avoid the main tourist resorts.

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Fiscardo is the island’s most cosmopolitan tourist resort–harmonizing modern luxury with the quaint charm of times gone by. It is a picturesque village that offers an unspoiled taste of traditional colors and flavors, all set around a breathtaking harbor. It is one of the few places that were not destroyed by the 1953 earthquake.

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About 1km from Fiskardo, just off the main road, you will come across the idyllic, white-pebbled beach of Emplisi with crystal clear waters. The beach is not organized.


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The old village of Valsamata with its picturesque homes and cobbled paths take you back to pre-1953 Kefalonia.
The broader area has several vineyards and olive groves and continues an important agricultural tradition. This is where the headquarters of the famous Robola wine co-op can be found, as well as the Monastery of Agios Gerasimos.

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Svoronata is a beautiful village with many traditional houses.

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Sami is located on the central east coast of the island. Several villages are close by, such as Digaleto , Grizata and Karavomylos. Agia Efimia Bay is located to the north. Sami is the largest port in Kefalonia and connects the island to Patras via a year-round ferry service.

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Skala is located on the island’s southernmost point. This is a favorite resort among tourists, boasting an organized beach with magnificent waters. A small pine tree forest, which adds to the unique scenery, separates the village from the beach.